Squeezing a bit more screen space out of Windows

Most desktop computer screens are wider than they are tall. And some screens these days are very wide... Read More…

Uploading Athenaeum Pro to FileMaker Server 13

Here's a link to a quick, silent video showing... Read More…

Using QuickMARC with the Open Library

You can use the Open Library... Read More…

Customising the Athenaeum Pro 2014 Main Menu

The library administrator can easily customise which buttons are available on the main menu.... Read More…

Adjusting the Athenaeum Pro 2014 default Window sizing

The library administrator can configure the default window screen sizes for Athenaeum Pro users who... Read More…

Loading EPIC search web sites

New Zealand schools can load direct links to the various EPIC web sites which allows library patrons to search on individual web sites or collectively, right within the catalogue or loading one of the searches directly in the borrower's search screen (OPAC).
As of this writing, the process is a manual, albeit very simple process. This video on the Athenaeum YouTube Channel shows how:
Loading EPIC sites

Uploading Athenaeum Pro to FileMaker Server 12

Here's a link to a quick, silent video showing how to upload Athenaeum Pro to FileMaker Server 12:
YouTube - uploading to FileMaker Server 12

Differences between Athenaeum Pro 2013 and 2014

Athenaeum Pro 2014 Change list
Athenaeum Pro 2014 is a significant update. There are many changes "under the hood", some fundamental interface changes as well as the inclusion of many feature requests... Read More…

TeamViewer Quicksupport

When we provide remote support, we frequently use TeamViewer to connect to your computer. This is pretty quick to set up and use... Read More…

Preventing Loan extensions tip

Borrowers can have their issues extended simply by using the Extend function at the top of the issue screen.
Currently, Athenaeum does not restrict the number of times that an item can be extended (there is a feature request to be able to flexibly limit this that is being considered).
However, there is a simple way to prevent issue extensions.
Simply reserve the item. Athenaeum will then deny the issue request.

Loading Athenaeum Pro 2013 (or Athenaeum Light 2014) to FileMaker Server 12

Athenaeum Pro 2013 introduced external storage of containers, which includes book covers, movies, borrower photos, QR Codes, etc.
These are stored differently when running Athenaeum Pro stand alone versus running it on FileMaker Server.
For this reason, you must use the upload assistant in FileMaker Server Admin Console to upload your files.
This quick, silent video shows you how:

Uploading Athenaeum to FileMaker Server 12

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