Active Directory

We just threw together some quick notes on configuring Active Directory for use with Athenaeum here:

Not Encrypted

FileMaker 16 defaults to preferring "secure" connections to servers. (This is a trend that you will see more and more in the tech industry)

That means, when you connect to a FileMaker Server and that server does not force "secure SSL" connections, you will be shown a warning message to that effect.

This is just a warning and is likely not a problem for most Athenaeum installations.

In that case, when you connect, click the "Always permit connection to this host" checkbox, then click "Connect" and you will not be displayed that dialog again.


For environments where high security is required, a certificate can be purchased from an appropriate vendor and FileMaker Server can be configured to use that certificate.

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Adding Publisher "RDA" MARC tags

If you know a little about how MARC works, you can fairly easily reconfigure Athenaeum to process MARC files differently.

For example, SCIS recently switched tagging publisher information with the 264 (RDA) tag (they were using the previous standard 260 tag).

If you are missing the 264 tag, this video will show you how to make the change:

The example uses Athenaeum Pro 2017 however it works in earlier versions of Athenaeum as well.

link update 12 Sep

Hiding Inactive Borrowers

Athenaeum Pro 2017 has a new option to - by default if you want - try to hide inactive borrowers in the borrower list view.

To enable this, go to Admin->customisation-borrower defaults and turn on the option.


Now, each time that you navigate to the borrower list, the hide inactive checkbox just below the search box will be checked:


Now, most searches will add a search criteria to omit "inactive" borrowers.

You can temporarily turn this off in the list view and search normally - though note that if you navigate away and come back to the borrower list view, Athenaeum will turn the option back if the "Borrower list hides inactive by default" preference is set in admin.

Allowing Wheeler's embedding

If you have subscribed to Wheeler's ebooks, then you will receive information about those items from Wheeler's, which you can add to the catalogue by importing using the MARC utility.

Items entered this way will include a dir
ect link to the web page for the title on the wheeler's site. These can be viewed by users searching via the Athenaeum web pages.

However, you must enable this capability in the admin section on the Wheeler's web site. Go to admin, click advanced settings and then choose "Allow embedding".

That's it.


Tagging random library items

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KAMAR portal not showing library info

If you have configured the KAMAR parent portal to show each user's issues* and nothing is showing, then you may have forgotten to turn on XML publishing on your FileMaker Server.

To do so, simply open the admin console and enable it in the web publishing tab:


* have you considered potential privacy issues with sharing a borrower's issues with parents? There are good reasons you may wish to consider these.

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