Athenaeum Library Software

by SumWare Consulting

Athenaeum Pro 2017 Updater

The Athenaeum Pro updater is a FileMaker utility, designed to run under FileMaker Pro versions 15, 15 or 16 and can be used to:

There are file format and external container folder changes for Athenaeum Pro 2017. This updater can only be used on those versions. When patching Athenaeum Pro 2017, a different updater must be used.

If you wish to update from an earlier version of Athenaeum Pro (or Light, for that matter), you must contact Athenaeum Library Software

Note: if you are running other FileMaker solutions on your FileMaker Server, then you can do this without affecting those.


Updating Athenaeum Pro is a relatively simple process.

  1. Reset the “edit” password back to the original value in your existing Athenaeum Pro (if you have changed it, which you probably haven’t)

  2. Download the updater files

  3. Close down Athenaeum Pro and download or copy the Athenaeum Pro files to the update folder

  4. Run the updater

  5. Re-load the updated files

Preparing for the upgrade

Take a backup

Please do this. Everyone will be happier if you do.

Reset the edit account only if necessary

IF you have changed the edit account password in Athenaeum Pro (not likely), then open Athenaeum Pro, go to Admin, Accounts and Passwords and then reset the Edit account password back to the simple password “ed” (leave off the quotes).

This button is in admin-accounts and passwords, tucked away at the bottom of the screen:

reset edit 2015
reset edit 2015

If running Athenaeum Pro on FileMaker Server

Using the FileMaker Server Admin Console, you MUST:

these must be closed on server before copying
these must be closed on server before copying

If running Athenaeum Pro stand-alone

Gather the files

Run the Updater

Double click the file Athenaeum Pro Updater. (You do not need an account and password).

The updater tries to install the IDMA plug-in.

If you receive an error: “Attempted to install the IDMA plug-in resulted in error xxx”, then the upgrade can not proceed. Please contact us.

Which version of Athenaeum?

Athenaeum is supplied in 3 versions, differentiated externally by their file names.

The 3 versions and their filename prefixes are:

Version file prefix
Athenaeum “ap”
Resource “res”
Alternate “alt”

When the updater starts, it detects which version is in the same folder as the updater. You should only have 1 version in the same folder (due to issues with the external files).

You can select a different version to update from the pop-up menu if the updater incorrectly selected the wrong version (if it does, please advise).

selecting a version manually, if you have to
selecting a version manually, if you have to

Performing the update

Click the update button
Click the update button

If you are warned that FileMaker Pro cannot share files because networking is turned off, simply ignore the message and click OK every time you are prompted.

cant share
can’t share

this normally happens when you run the updater on the same computer as the FileMaker Server

When the procedure has finished, results of the update are displayed in a scrolling list. Each import component should complete with a code of “0” (zero meaning no errors) and will state the number of records imported.

update results
update results

If you are going to load back to FileMaker Server

When the update is complete, the Athenaeum Pro 2017 files are immediately ready for use on the local computer. However, for FileMaker Server, the external container files must be re-organised.

Click the “Reorganise folders for FileMaker Server” button.

rearranging the external files for FileMaker Server
rearranging the external files for FileMaker Server

When this is done, the updater may display error warnings for folders that were not found during the re-organise process. This is not necessarily a problem as the library may not have any container objects of the type contained in the missing folders. If you are not sure, contact SumWare Consulting.

errors and warnings during re-organise
errors and warnings during re-organise

Not that the re-organise can only be done once.

_If you are interested in knowing more about this, details about the folder hierarchy can be found on this web page:

Quit FileMaker Pro

Exit (quit) the FileMaker Pro application. This will ensure all files are properly closed and ready for upload.


You will have a folder that will look similar to this.

updated files
updated files

The new files are those whose names start with “ap_” and the folder called “Files”. These are the files that will be uploaded.

The “Old” folder contains the original Athenaeum files that you upgraded. The “Old RC_data_FMS” folder was the original source of external files if those files came from FileMaker Server

The folder called “athpro_data” contains external files for when Athenaeum Pro is run on a stand-alone computer.

The folder called “RC_data_FMS” contains external files for when Athenaeum Pro is loaded onto FileMaker Server.

The Athenaeum Pro Updater.fmp12 and Updater Utlity.fmp12 files are the files you used to update and are no longer required.

When running Athenaeum Pro “Stand-alone”

Simply copy the “ap_” files and the “athpro_data” folder to the desired (original) location if you are running Athenaeum on a single computer (that is, without FileMaker Server).

only copy these files when Athenaeum is installed on a local computer
only copy these files when Athenaeum is installed on a local computer

When hosted with FileMaker Server

Simple copy the highlighted files and folder using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, to the data directory of your FileMaker Server:

files and folder required for FileMaker Server
files and folder required for FileMaker Server

Note that you may need to adjust the operating system’s permissions and access for the files so that the FileMaker Server service can read and write to the data files.

Open the files using either the FileMaker Server Admin Console or the command line fmsadmin program.