Athenaeum Pro Quick Manual 2013-2017

Athenaeum Library Software

by SumWare Consulting

Welcome to Athenaeum Pro.

Athenaeum has been designed with librarians from around the world to be easy to start using and - when you are ready - have more features and configurability to do the things you are likely to want to do.

This manual covers the basics for Athenaeum Pro versions 2013 to 2017. Note that screen shots evolved for 2017.

You may also find specific changes for 2017 at this link:

Athenaeum Pro 2017


There are a few, slightly abstract concepts to learn, however they are well worth learning. For example:

  • the reports chapter speaks of reporting on a “found set”, which is the result of a find of some kind. This means that a single report can be used for many different searches.

  • become familiar with the different components of Athenaeum (e.g. borrowers, catalogue, circulation (issues), history, admin and archive) and how they fit with each other. This is described in the Athenaeum Structure

  • learn the shortcuts for quickly moving around Athenaeum

  • most importantly, become familiar with the security afforded with the different levels of users described in the Logging In/Accounts chapter (and don’t forget to change the default passwords)