July 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

A quick newsletter before the mid year break.

Athenaeum Pro 2017

Athenaeum Pro 2017 is now available for libraries with current support agreements. There are many changes and additions and these are documented here:


If you would prefer a pdf version of that document, you may download that from:


For those wishing us to upgrade them during the holidays, please contact Rob or Désirée at support@librarysoftware.nz to make a time.

There is a minimum requirement of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server version 14.

Term 3 South Island Workshops

Désirée is currently working on some workshops for term 3 in the South Island. Please contact Désirée for details: desiree@librarysoftware.nz

FileMaker 16

During May, FileMaker Inc. released version 16 of the FileMaker family of products. Recent versions of Athenaeum are compatible. If you have an Annual Volume Licence or current maintenance, you will have received a link to your web page with your installation codes. Please retrieve those codes and save them.

Future versions of Athenaeum may require at least version 16 as it allows us some interesting capability.

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