September 2016

September 2016

Customising the "OPAC"

Remember that you can change the appearance of the search computers, showing (or not)
  • recent purchases and/or
  • popular items and/or
  • top issues and/or
  • reading lists
against a customised background. So, for example, for Dahl's 100th birthday, you might have grabbed an image containing Roald Dahl book covers or, for Halloween, you might include the background picture in this screenshot (courtesy of the FreePik web site - already credited in Athenaeum)

Pasted Graphic 3

Alternatively, you might show a web site—maybe a link to the official Roald Dahl web site or maybe maybe copy this URL (web link) for a similar effect.

Or maybe you just want to get their attention: !

Remember to check your messages

If your Athenaeum main menu contains a bright red button advising a number of messages, then click it or the messages tab to see various announcements. These are usually pointers to tips and videos about Athenaeum, notices about workshops or interesting websites related to libraries or books in general.

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If you didn't read your messages last month, you will have missed the fact that Athenaeum Pro turned 20 in August. Woo-hoo!

You may also have missed the note about the 2016.5 update that we released after the last round of Athenaeum workshops. Click for a link.

Reading History in OPAC

After a very interesting discussion about borrower issue history privacy earlier this month, we added a new button to the web templates for sites that allow users to log in their Athenaeum web search site (to manage their reserves, write reviews and see their current issues and overdues). This allows a user to see their entire issue history, as stored in Athenaeum.

Pasted Graphic

Please contact us if you want to offer this history button option.

If you currently don't have the "authorised" web templates, please do ask about it. These are installed with your FileMaker Server and integrate to the library's Active Directory or Open Directory (the central repository of accounts and passwords). This does require your school or organisation to have some existing infrastructure to be in place.

"Kiosk" client option

If you have so called "OPAC" computers set up in your library connecting to Athenaeum, there is another client option which enables "Kiosk" mode. That is a view that has no menu bar, users can't switch to another program and can only search the library. It requires either FileMaker 14 or 15 and works a treat.

Sharing a list of books

There are multiple ways to share lists of books in Athenaeum. Back in May, we added a new option "Output to HTML". That will copy to the clipboard an HTML "table" for the current found set of catalogue items - with images.

You can embed that table in a web page - or better still, give it to your web designer and let them go to town and customise that table.

This is in addition to other options for creating excel files, pdfs and copying the raw data (without images) to the clipboard.

Updated FileMaker Server: No Bar Codes?

Some libraries are updating their FileMaker Servers to version 15 and then reporting that users can't open the Bar Code file.

There is a new default option in FileMaker Server 15 "Host password-protected databases only" which, if turned on, will stop the bar code file from being opened. The very latest version of Athenaeum works around this, or you can simply turn the option off.

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October/November Workshops

Another round of workshops are coming up mid October and November. Christchurch 17 October, an Auckland workshop in Te Atatu is scheduled for 8 November. Watch out for Lower North Island workshops too.

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