January 2018

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• 2017 clean up
• Forum
• Athenaeum 2018
• Hosted Athenaeum
• Self-Hosted Athenaeum
• Hosted KAMAR Athenaeum
• Athenaeum and FileMaker Cloud
• FileMaker Licensing
• Changes to SCIS

2017 clean up

Date Warning

Are you getting a warning when you start Athenaeum Pro that you it is past the "Latest Due Date"?

Don't forget to go to admin, click the dates tab and set the latest date. (The "latest date" in Athenaeum is pretty much what it sounds like...the latest date that an item can be due.) You probably want to set the latest date to near the end of year, just before your next stock take if you recall your items for stock take.

And don't forget to check your borrower types...if you set end dates for different types of borrowers, then don't forget to clear or adjust those as well.

This page from the documentation has more detail.

Due Dates

Closing your Stock Take

Remember that you don't have to do this. Just generate your reports and you are done. You can also export all of your catalogue, with financials for your accountant.

Annual Summary

If you didn't get your Annual Summary out last year, don't panic. Just run it now and specify 2017 as the year and Athenaeum will work backwards.

Student Management systems

For libraries integrating with student management systems, be sure to use the features that can send your new and updated library patrons to Athenaeum. This can save you a huge amount of time.


KAMAR updates are automatic, however, there has been a small change. The KAMAR schedules that drive the synchronisation were adjusted at the end of year necessitating a small change in Athenaeum. Athenaeum updates performed after 20 January this year are ready to go. If your Athenaeum was updated during the last term of 2017 and you have a current support agreement, then we can simply log in and make a quick change.


For schools using eTap, don't forget that there is an option to export the student data in a format that is easily imported into Athenaeum. eTap expects that you will already be using the student's unique school number as the student's bar code in Athenaeum (this is the standard way).


The Linc-Ed student management system last year introduced an export for Athenaeum option. Use this along with the "import Linc-ed" option in Borrower-Utilities to update your borrower lists.

Manual import/update

If you use some other system for tracking your people, then it's probably pretty straightforward to export the data to a commonly readable format, such as CSV. Please contact us if you need to do this.

Manual year roll-over

Athenaeum still has the option automatically bump the "Year" field by 1 for any found set of borrowers (and if you make a mistake to decrement too). That's the job half done.


The Athenaeum forum is becoming quite popular and is a great way to engage us and other librarians for tips and techniques as well as much needed kitten pictures during the stresses of library duties.

It is an invitation only forum for Athenaeum users so if you wish to be involved, please ask. As it is hosted on Google Groups, you need a gmail or google account (private accounts are fine, they don't have to be your work account).

Athenaeum 2018

Athenaeum 2018 is in the testing and late development phase, however, it is completely new. A "from the ground up" rewrite of Athenaeum calling on our 25 years of library and 30+ years (gah!) of FileMaker experience, it is intended as a new, light-weight platform to take Athenaeum into the future. That means improvements running Athenaeum hosted locally, over the internet, in the "cloud" (gah!) on iPads or iPhones, connecting to new services (such as new SCIS options and others), soon on more web and Android devices (where appropriate) and more.

The catalogue is designed to store multiple libraries side-by-side (each title or each copy — item — can be in its own library) and reported individually, client searches can be restricted to a specified list of libraries (so they may be able to search the main library, National Library loans and the English department but not — say — the Science, Maths or Sports libraries). And of course, you can still create your graphic rich guided searches.

And the new simplified design means it is even easier to create new instances of Athenaeum for other entities within your organisation, keeping their data isolated from yours (yay!)

And, we love the speed. Athenaeum has always been pretty quick at a lot of things and now it has even more snap!

We will be creating a utility to copy your data over from Athenaeum Pro 2017 to Athenaeum 2018 and this will make it easy for selected sites to test the new version and try things out.

Oh, in case you didn't notice, we dropped the "Pro" from the name, just because.

Hosted Athenaeum

Soon we are rolling out a new service where you will be able to choose to put your Athenaeum 2018 on our servers. Most organisations have ultra-fast broadband now and this works really well.

Putting your Athenaeum on our servers means you won't need to call on your IT staff to manage your server (or have them allow us to manage your server for you) and your organisation has fewer assets (which accountants seem to like).

Nor will we lock your data in to our system and charge you to export it. You will continue to have that facility at no charge.

This service will be initially be limited to a selected handful of Athenaeum libraries near the start of the year and scaled up over time. Contact us please if you are interested

Self-Hosted Athenaeum

Of course, you can still self host. Some wags describe this as a private cloud and self-hosting will always be the most responsive and secure solution.

If you have a cluster of libraries within your group, we can help you configure a custom server dedicated to the group with libraries for each member of the group.

Hosted KAMAR Athenaeum

Quite a few New Zealand schools have moved or are considering Hosted KAMAR (that is, their KAMAR hosted on KAMAR's servers).

Athenaeum is happy in that environment. If your organisation is changing to Hosted KAMAR, your files will be transferred to the new server by default.

Athenaeum and FileMaker Cloud

Last year, FileMaker Inc. introduced FileMaker Cloud. This is a hosting solution based on Amazon Web Services and offers a number of configurations. Athenaeum 2018 is designed for FileMaker Cloud. As far as "back-ends" go, they don't get much bigger than Amazon Web Services.

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Licensing

Athenaeum is proudly FileMaker based and from Athenaeum 2018, we provide you with special configurations of the FileMaker platform to suit your requirements. If you currently licence FileMaker independently of us, please contact us so we can roll that over on your FileMaker anniversary with an optimal solution for you.

Changes to SCIS

There are some big changes coming to SCIS for Library Management programs early this year and we are already onto it. The old techniques are being updated with a modern framework and Athenaeum will utilise these. Some changes to QuickMARC will ensue however we are also exploring ways of exposing SCIS web searches directly in Athenaeum for client users. Watch this space.

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