May 2017

Updated during the holidays?

Schools often take the opportunity to update only during the holidays and some of you will have been updated in the last two weeks.

Remember, that if your school is not authenticating your server against the school's Active Directory, then your passwords will have been reset to their default values.

Also, there have been a few instances of the IT department reconfiguring the server and images suddenly go missing. If that has happened to you, put your IT in touch with us and we will advise the correct configuration.

Athenaeum Pro 2017 soon

An upgrade to Athenaeum Pro will be available after the KAMAR conference this month. Athenaeum Pro 2017 has many tweaks and new system requirements. If you have a current support agreement or are a KAMAR school, then you will be entitled to the update. More details of the update soon.

SCIS Authority Files April 2017

If you subscribe to the SCIS Authority files, please contact us for the updates that were released in April.

Messages tab

After the recent round of training sessions, it was surprising how many people don't notice or click the Messages tab on the main menu where we occasionally broadcast messages. If there are messages waiting to be shown, there will be a red circle with a number in it on the main screen. Click that to see the messages, check/tick the messages off when you have read them. If the messages are coloured blue and have underlines, then they are clickable links that will attempt to open a relevant web page. (Athenaeum Pro 2017 changes how available messages are highlighted - we do want you to read them!)


Image storage

We have noticed that the disk storage size of some Athenaeum sites out there have ballooned unexpectedly. The storage increase is attributed to the way book cover images are loaded. When using Windows and copying an image from a web browser such as Internet Explorer and pasting into Athenaeum, the type of image that Windows pastes is a ".bmp" file. These files are not very storage efficient at all. So in the upcoming Athenaeum Pro 2017, there is an option to clean up .bmp and replace them with .jpeg files, which are much smaller and - for the typical size book cover - there is no visual loss of quality.

The savings are significant - usually around 95% - and worth pursuing. Also, the savings roll through to the backups on your server, so your support staff will love you even more!

While pasted images is not common because services such as SCIS do provide compact .jpeg and .gif files by default it is worth thinking about. For sites that have many pasted images, we have a utility that can clean up these images. Contact Rob ( for more detail.

Exporting to Excel

Lately we have had a few requests to export information from Athenaeum to Excel spreadsheets. Most list views have this built-in. Go to the module you wish to export (catalogue, issues, history, etc), find the data you want then choose Print->Excel and save your spreadsheet.

Linc-Ed export

The Linc-Ed student management system now includes an export for Athenaeum option, making it easier to synchronise borrowers with Athenaeum and Linc-Ed.

KAMAR conference and Auckland workshops

We are attending the KAMAR conference in mid-may.

16th May is beginner Athenaeum workshop at Massey High School in Auckland.

On 6th June there will be an intermediate workshop at Mangere High School in Auckland. Contact Désirée ( regarding details of these two workshops.

Rob is planning another Intermediate to Advanced workshop in North Auckland for this space. Contact if you are interested.

We are in the early stages of planning South Island workshops for Term 3

Tagging Items

In case you missed it, an Athenaeum Note in February showed a fun technique for tagging items: Athenaeum Notes

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