March 2016


Changes to Schoolscat

Quite a few librarians have asked us about the upcoming changes to Schoolscat. We have yet to be advised of the precise details, though we will be updating the then current version of Athenaeum Pro immediately these are available to us.

QuickMARC and SCIS - Abridged Dewey


Recently we were asked if Athenaeum respects your SCIS settings for Dewey Decimal call number. Yes to that. Your profile screen determines what Athenaeum sees.

Athenaeum Light 2016 - using QR codes

We recently quietly introduced an update to Athenaeum Light for users issuing in Athenaeum Light using QR codes. Specifically, the process is more streamlined, with fewer taps in the process, making it much faster.

Please contact us if this is useful to you.

Using SCIS to fill in Wheeler's data

When you purchase eBooks from Wheeler's, you receive a MARC file that you can load into Athenaeum containing the basic bibliographic data for those eBooks. However, you can use SCIS with Athenaeum to load in extra information, such as subject headings and notes.

To do this:

  • load the Wheeler's eBooks in the normal way
  • find these items and make them your "Found Set" (they likely will be after the first step)
  • go to the catalogue Utility screen, Utility tab and click the "Copy ISBNs to the clipboard" button
  • go back to QuickMARC, paste the ISBNs and click "Review SCIS" (the blue SCIS button, not the burgendy coloured button)
  • then either click "Replace in Catalogue" or "Replace Subjects" depending upon your preference.

Athenaeum Pro 2016

Athenaeum Pro 2016 is being rolled out this term and changes are listed at the documentation web pages:

Some of these changes take advantage of new features introduced in last year's FileMaker Pro 14. Briefly, the changes include:

  • Suggestion Lists/Reading Lists
  • Bulk Addition of Subjects
  • Daily Circulation counts chart
  • Changes to search screen configuration
  • Import eTap button
  • Bulk stock take log
  • Correspondence Additional Fields

Support for non-English keyboards


We recently received a note from one of our users "I changed my keyboard to use Māori input and Athenaeum seems to have picked up the theme and changed all of the dates to Māori dates."

This is correct. Athenaeum respects not just your computer's keyboard preferences, but also the computer's regional settings for displaying dates which includes date order - month/day/year, day/month/year, year/month/day, etc. - and also the language. So, if you wish to use Te Reo, you can do so. And different computers on the same network can have different settings!

Additional copy of Athenaeum for other purposes

Quite a few libraries using Athenaeum Pro have asked about storing non-library resources in Athenaeum and giving admin access to non-library staff.

We don't recommend that you give such access to others to your hard-manicured data. Instead, we recommend configuring a second, or maybe even a third copy of Athenaeum, setting different passwords and giving those staff access to the separate copy. The separate copy is included with your Athenaeum Pro.

Contact us if you would like to know more.

Upcoming Training

Désirée will be training in the South Island during the week of 9 May 2016. Rob will be training North Island, most likely during the following week. We will be emailing details soon.
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